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21+ years of experience. Over 10,000 private lessons, and 3000 group lessons taught in his career. Author of “What Dance Goes With This Song?,” a vast collection of popular music with a specific dance associated with each song.
In January of 1995, Lance Oliver hesitantly walked into an Arthur Murray in Willow Glen, California. His first instructor, Denise, gave him his very first ballroom dance lesson for 30 minutes. Once the lesson was finished, Lance’s hesitation to dance disappeared, and he promptly maxed out his Discover Card for a year’s worth of lessons. A decision he never regretted.
Since that time Lance has gotten a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from San Jose State University, been paralyzed from the waist down from transverse myelitis, and drowned in the community of screenwriting in Hollywood, till finally he realized that his specialized knowledge and ability and passion lies within ballroom dancing.
He now resides in his childhood home of Hawaii on the big island. A certified judge and experienced competitor, Lance believes that the art of social dancing is the most prized aspect of dancing.

Services - Private Lessons
Private lessons are most useful for people looking to:
1) Stand out on the dance floor
2) Gain confidence
3) Feel comfortable to dance with anyone
4) Prepare for a wedding dance or reception
5) Health and exercise
6) Competition/Exhibition
7) To fit in socially through competent dancing
8) Have more fun in life
9) To impress a particular person(s)

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With a broad background, a passion and natural ability for dancing, and the Aloha spirit that comes from spending time in the Islands, Lance knows how dancing can be a very fun part of a busy life.

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