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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do I get my husband/boyfriend to go out dancing with me/take lessons?

    The toughest question ever. It all depends on your guy, but one thing is for sure: give it time, patience, and let them make the decision to do it. Pressuring them into doing it once is fine, but continuing to pressure them when they don’t want to do it will almost certainly make them hate the process of it all. Good luck!

  • Q: Why do people learn to social dance?

    Recognition, having fun, impress someone, exercise, etc. There are so many reasons and benefits to dancing.

  • Q: Can I learn just from taking group classes?

    You can learn repertoire and have fun doing it. You will learn to “survive” on the dance floor.  But it is extremely unlikely to make you a good dancer.

  • Q: What does a good social dancer look like?

    You can be any race, gender, size or ability. A good social dancer can dance anywhere to any song on any surface, with or without dance shoes. A good social dancer can dance with anyone of any ability and still have a good time.
    A good social dancer does not teach on the dance floor, nor judge their partner, or other dancers and dances. They understand that American Tango is just as beautiful, though different, as Argentine Tango. They understand that East Coast Swing is just as good as West Coast Swing.
    Good technique can make a social dancer stand out on the dance floor, or just comfortable to dance with, but not completely necessary if they follow the 3 rules of social dancing: have fun, have good timing, and don’t do anything that emotionally or physically hurts your partner.

  • Q: Why Should I Take Private Lessons?

    For anyone who wants to 1) Look good on the dance floor, 2) Feel comfortable to dance with, and 3) Feel confident enough to dance with anyone, private lessons are the way to go. There is a popular saying the USA: “You get what you pay for.” Though private lessons are not that expensive, you don’t want to be a clunker on the dance floor, especially for your partner.

  • Q: How Do I Find a Good Dancing Instructor?

    They’re really hard to find. Your first lesson with an instructor will likely be a fun and inspiring one. Only after a few lessons will you know if you are getting the right instructor for you. There’s obvious signs too: Is he/she on their cell phone during your lesson? Are they only interested in competitive students? Do they talk too much? Lots of signs. Follow your instincts.

  • Q: Is it OK to Teach my Partner during Social Dancing?

    NO. Let them dance.

  • Q: Does "Dancing with the Stars" properly reflect the world of ballroom dancing?

    No. It’s done a great job of getting people interested in learning, but don’t expect flashy and skimpy costumes and dazzling lights all the time. Most of us learn to dance strictly for social reasons. If you want the celebrities, lights, and the flashy costumes, get into competitive dancing.

  • Q: Are all dances improvisational?

    YES. When you’re just learning a dance, any dance, your ability and your repertoire is not impressive, therefore the dance will seem rigid and stiff, and confusion sets in. The more you learn, the higher your ability and therefore, the more you can play and improvise. Don’t let any student or teacher tell you that certain dances are rigid and non-improvisational. It simply means they have little or no knowledge of those certain dances.

  • Q: What's the difference between Social and Competitive dancing?

    It's good to know if you're learning to dance.

  • Q: Should Ballroom Dancing become an Olympic sport?

    No. It is a great sport that encompasses the whole world, but the Olympics don’t need another judged event.

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